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Criminal Law and DWI

Allegany County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Any person can be at the wrong place at the wrong time and face criminal charges. Whether you are charged with a minor or serious offense, it is important you have aggressive legal representation from a defense lawyer.

I am attorney John Cappellini and I represent individuals facing criminal charges in Cuba, New York, and the surrounding areas. I understand the negative impact of a criminal conviction and will work hard to help prevent a criminal offense from burdening your future.

Most people know they have the right to legal counsel if they are arrested or charged with a crime, but do not think about how quickly they need to contact one. It is critical to remember that the sooner you have someone representing your interests, the better.

My Criminal Practice

I offer criminal defense representation for issues involving:

DWI Charges

First-time and repeat offenders, and commercial driver’s license (CDL) issues and DWI

Drug Offenses

Marijuana arrests, drug possession, prescription drug crimes and more

Traffic Tickets

Speeding, reckless driving, running a red light/stop sign, driving without a license, driving on a suspended license and more

Drunk Driving Offenses/DWI

There are numerous complications when it comes to dealing with drunk driving offenses that only a lawyer will be familiar with. I am knowledgeable of the legal process and have been successful in defending DWI charges. I handle issues pertaining to:

Breath test refusals
Field sobriety tests
High blood alcohol content (BAC)
Refusal hearings
License revocation and DWI
Traffic stops

Schedule Your First Consultation, Today

If you have questions or need to schedule your first appointment, please call me at 800-684-3236. I offer every client aggressive legal representation for every client. Please contact me if you are located in Cuba, Allegany County or a surrounding New York community.